Slovak EXIM Bank Meets Criteria for Membership in Bern Union
14. januára 2003

Last year the Slovak EXIM Bank met criteria that entitling it to apply for full membership in the Bern Union. It managed to meet, and in some parameters exceed indicators, concerning the volume of written premiums and export support, stated the vice-governor Ladislav Balko. Full membership in the Bern Union is conditioned by achieving total written premiums of at least USD 5 million, support of export of USD 450 million, support of USD 225 million by short-term insurance of and written premiums in medium and long-term insurance of USD 3 million. The Slovak EXIM Bank is currently a member of the Prague Club of the so-called small Bern Union.

The Bern Union, founded in 1934, is an international association of insurers of export credit and investment insurance. Its role is to provide a functional platform for mutual exchange of information, experience and expertise among its members. At the moment it associates 51 members from 42 countries. Their chief activities include support of foreign trade through insurance of short, medium and long-term export credits and foreign investments while respecting agreements and conventions of the Bern Union. These define categories of goods with a maximal credit maturity, terms of repayment and sector agreements.

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