Slovak Crown Quiet Like Other Regional Currencies on Tuesday
19. februára 2003

The quiet trading on the foreign exchange market continued on Tuesday. Against its reference currency the euro, the Slovak crown opened at 41.98 SKK/EUR. Slovenska Sporitelna dealer Vladimir Gajdos said demand for foreign exchange purchases and crown sales persisted on the market but purchases were not aggressive. „After a London bank bought surplus currency the SKK moved to its weakest daily level of 42.07 SKK/EUR but at the end of the day it corrected to 42.02/07 SKK/EUR,“ stated the dealer.

Trading on markets of neighboring countries was calm too, noted Mr. Gajdos. „In the absence of any impulse in the form of a foreign investor, economic figures or political news, there is no chance for significant movement,“ suggested the dealer. If no impulses appear on the market, the crown will stay in the range of 41.90 to 42.10 SKK/EUR.

Against the US dollar, the crown was quoted at 39.20/39.25 SKK/USD on the US dollar at 1.0715 USD/EUR. The cross rate of the Slovak and Czech crowns was 1.332/1.334 SKK/CZK.

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3. 3. 2021

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