Prime Minister Rejects Proposal to Dismiss Economy Minister Nemcsics
27. augusta 2003

Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda has not accepted the proposal to dismiss Robert Nemcsics from the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister. Mr. Dzurinda announced this after his meeting with the chairman of the Alliance of a new Citizen (ANO) Pavol Rusko, who has submitted this proposal. Mr. Dzurinda added that he was unable to fulfill the request, since he had no constitutional cause to do so. „A cabinet member has to account for his or her work to parliament,“ he said. The Prime Minister characterized Mr. Nemcsics as an active cabinet minister who has been fulfilling his duties properly.

The Prime Minister refused to say whether Mr. Rusko has submitted to him names of potential candidates for the post. Simultaneously, Mr. Dzurinda has not discussed with Transport Minister Pavol Prokopovic a dismissal of Branislav Opaterny from the post of the ministry’s state secretary. Mr. Prokopovic was in the Cabinet Office building during the meeting of Mr. Dzurinda and Mr. Rusko.

Mr. Dzurinda hopes that his decision would not have a negative impact on relations within the ruling coalition.

Dzurinda’s decision has not surprised Mr. Rusko. „I would have been surprised if he had responded in a different way,“ said the ANO boss. He added that now it would be up to Mr. Nemcsics to tackle the fact that he enjoys trust of the prime minister, but the party, which has nominated him for this post, does not trust him anymore. Mr. Rusko said that it is unacceptable for a minister to sit in the cabinet without support of his or her parent party.

Economy Minister Nemcsics said he would think over his next steps. He expects that there would be space to discuss the issue at the cabinet session on Wednesday. He was pleased by the support of Prime Minister Dzurinda, resulting from his performance in the ministerial post. On the other hand, it is impossible to keep the post without support of the party for a longer period of time.

Mr. Rusko and Mr. Nemcsics will meet on Wednesday. The ANO wants to solve the departure of Mr. Nemcsics from the executive post within the party.

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