Negotiations on Sale of VSZ Affiliations Not Yet Completed
11. februára 2003

None of the negotiations so far on the sale of one of fifteen affiliations of former steel-maker VSZ, a.s., Kosice have been completed. Potential buyers, who met the acquisition terms for one of the companies offered can submit bids to acquire stakes VSZ holds in these companies. According to VSZ spokesman Marian Boga, there are bidders for stakes in each of the affiliations that were put up for sale. However, he is unable to estimate when these talks will end.

VSZ has divided the companies, in which it is offering stakes for sale, into three groups. There is no synergy with these holding companies and VSZ is attempting to find suitable strategic investors for them.

In November 2002, VSZ offered for sale its 100 percent in VSZ Education and Consulting Center, a 100-percent stake in Tehelne Temaco, 100 percent in Byty-Servis, 67-percent of Koksmont, the same stake in Getra and 99.06 percent in VSZ Ferrotour, a.s Kosice. One month later VSZ offered for sale 100-percent stakes in four subsidiaries: Obal-servis, VSZ Servis, Gastrometal and the hospital VSZ Nemocnica Kosice-Saca.

In early February, VSZ published an advertisement to sell its stakes in five firms. It wants to sell 67-percent stakes in four firms: Stylkov, Variakov, VSZ Strojlab, Medzilaborce and VSZ Unicorn Tornala. Joint-stock company SEKO Slovakia is the sole company where VSZ is offering for sale a smaller than majority stake, i.e. 40 percent.

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