Matador Puchov Signs a Contract with Moscow Tire Factory
29. januára 2003

Machinery subsidiary of tire producer Matador a.s. Puchov has signed a contract with Russian tire producer Moskovsky shinnij zavod to supply of machines. According to Matador representatives, the contract including reconstruction is worth USD 3.5 million.

Besides production of tires and conveyor belts, Matador also manufactures rubber industry machines and equipment. The company has customers in China, Russia and other countries.

According to preliminary financial results, the company expects to reach revenues from sales of own products at SKK 5.414 billion for 2002. Sales of goods represented SKK 2.59 billion. In the structure of sales the company is increasing its sales on the markets of the European Union and America, and stabilizing its positions on the markets of CEFTA countries. The company representatives say that another important feature in the life of the company is the stabilization of the Matador’s position on the Czech market and the positive development on the domestic market.

The Matador group is an association of 25 companies. The core business of the company is the production and sale of tires, conveyor belts, industrial rubber products and rubber industry machinery.

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