Jan Figel Believes the New Retail Chain Law is not Good
8. júla 2003

Onetime negotiator of Slovakia’s European Union entry and Christian-Democratic Movement deputy Jan Figel said that the recently passed retail chain law could evoke criticism from the European Commission despite the fact that the Slovak Parliament adopted it with corrections of the criticized parts. „It shapes a new protection model of economic competition, which Slovakia effectively solved long ago,“ Mr. Figel told SITA.

According to Mr. Figel, Slovakia should not seek other avenues but rather, it should apply tools that also work well in the retail chain sphere in the European Union. He also stressed that in the final stage of the accession process Slovakia should demonstrate its maturity for joining the European Union by not adopting the legislation, which is not in conformity with EU laws. „Before entering the European Union, we should strive to free Slovakia of problems that could worsen its position,“ he added.

Earlier on Monday, main negotiator for the European Commission Dirk Meganck said that the original draft of the retail chains law was not in line with principles of a unified European market and explained that the European Commission is concerned about the application of the bill.

Mr. Meganck added that Slovakia may have violated the right to settle down and run a business or provide services and also the principle of free movement of goods. If the deputies did not correct all shortcomings identified by the European Commission, this will be one of the things that the commission will include in its evaluation report.

The bill was drafted by the opposition’s SMER, which intended to eliminate the abuse of power by retail chains and their discriminatory behavior towards Slovak producers. The ruling coalition’s ANO assisted SMER in pushing through the legislation.

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