Government Allocates over SKK 13 Bln. for Highways and Roads in 2004
11. apríla 2003

According to revised state budget outlook for 2004, the government will allocate SKK 13.33 billion for construction, repairs and maintenance of highways and roads in Slovakia, including construction costs of the Kosicka bridge over the Danube river in Bratislava. Compared with the current year this represents an increase by SKK 778.3 million. The amount of money earmarked for highway construction should not change compared with the current year and should total SKK 8.5 billion. The volume of funds for construction and repairs of road should also remain unchanged at about SKK 1.2 billion.

The Finance Ministry projects expenditures of repairs and maintenance of highways and roads at SKK 2.365 billion and thus these should swell by SKK 113.6 million compared with this year. According to the draft revised state budget outlook, almost SKK 1.266 billion should be allocated for construction of Kosicka bridge. Apart from the above funds, Slovakia will use SKK 426 million for construction of highways and roads from the European Union and the General Treasury Administration budgetary chapter.

The original budget outlook projected an allocation for construction, repairs and maintenance of highways and roads of SKK 13.265 billion. This sum was increased by additional SKK 65.7 million for the construction of Kosicka bridge.

Construction of the car assembly plant of French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen in Trnava will require SKK 1.743 billion from the 2004 state budget. Out of this, SKK 1.337 billion will be allocated to the Economy Ministry, SKK 274.5 million for the Environment Ministry and SKK 131.2 million for the Ministry of Transport, Postal Services and Telecommunications. Funds for construction of the plant for this year, amounting to SKK 2.2 billion, were obtained from a re-distribution of funds within the current state budget.

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