Eduard Kukan Does Not Expect Complications with Slovakia’s EU Entry
4. apríla 2003

Foreign Minister Eduard Kukan said before journalists in Kosice that Slovakia recently got two warnings from the European Commission, criticizing Slovakia in for deficits in creating administrative capacities for drawing EU funds and financial supervision. Recently, another such warning has been made of similar character regarding agriculture.

Mr. Kukan suggested that the cabinet will treat these problems preferentially and thus he supposes that the next European Commission report due in mid-May will not feature any problems of this kind. Mr. Kukan underscored that promptly resolving this problem is in our own interest.

Minister Kukan wants to visit as many regions as possible and speak with as many people as possible to persuade them about the importance of being in the European Union, telling them to go to the polls in the EU accession referendum on May 16 and 17. He wants to provide Slovak citizens with information about Slovakia’s existence as part of the European Union after the referendum and to help people to fluently adapt to new conditions, which undoubtedly will be demanding and difficult.

Mr. Kukan says that the referendum and signing the treaty would not be the end. By May 1, 2004 when it is assumed that Slovakia will join the European Union, the European Commission will issue a comprehensive assessment report on Slovakia and the extent to which it is meeting commitments associated with membership. However, Mr. Kukan expects no problems with accession during the ratification process.

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