Cabinet Recommends Deputies to Approve EU Referendum
21. januára 2003

The Slovak cabinet unanimously voted on Monday to recommend to parliament to approve a draft resolution to announce a referendum on Slovakia’s European Union entry.

Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda told journalists that the EU entry referendum would be the first one in Slovakia asking voters to answer a meaningful question. The wording is: „Do you agree with the Slovak Republic becoming a member country of the European Union?“

The Prime Minister believes that the May 16-17 referendum will defeat the Slovak tradition of failed referendums and this one will succeed. Mr. Dzurinda expects a high turnout. The Prime Minister thinks that the time is ripe for citizens not only to declare support for Slovakia’s joining the European Union, but also to express their opinion on it. The cabinet will be persuading citizens in the months to come about benefits of integration, discussing with citizens what kind of Europe they want and the form of Slovakia’s contribution.

Mr. Dzurinda suggests that both EU integration and NATO entry are communicating vessels. The European Union is an opportunity and NATO means security, he said. He is convinced that PSA Citroen Peugeot would never have decided to build its plant in Slovakia if it were not for Slovakia’s efforts to join both organizations.

Mr. Dzurinda suggested that NATO is the highest guarantee of security and collective defense and cheaper than individual defense arrangements. He did not want to speak about possible referendum failure, but acknowledged that a responsible politician must count with all alternatives.

Three ministers nominated by the Christian Democrats (KDH) did not show up at Monday’s special cabinet meeting, in their places the taken by their deputy minister — state secretaries. Ministers Vladimir Palko, Daniel Lipsic and Martin Fronc took part in the KDH leadership sitting, explained Mr. Dzurinda, adding that he knows their stance on the point discussed.

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