Bratislava Wants to Sell its Stake in Czech Airlines CSA
18. februára 2003

The Bratislava municipality wants to sell its capital interest in business companies Ceske Aerolinie (CSA), Matador-Obnova and Intertour. Bratislava owns 0.98 percent in CSA with nominal value of CZK 26.78 million, 48.48 percent in Matador Obnova nominal value of SKK 147.7 million and 1.52 percent in Intertour nominally worth SKK 2 million. Potential buyers can send their bids to the Bratislava municipality.

Moreover, Bratislava wants to sell its claims toward Fenix Plus, Salviafarm, Chirana Injecta, ST-C and Salvia Holding with total nominal value of approximately SKK 370 million. Originally, these claims had been against bankrupt bank Slovenska Kreditna Banka, transferred to the five above-mentioned companies in May 2002.

The intention to sell shares concerns efforts by the city to improve Bratislava’s financial situation.

Tento projekt je podporený z Európskeho sociálneho fondu


15. 1. 2021

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CZK 26,163 0,027
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