Bratislava Airport to be Transformed to a Public Company
17. januára 2003

The first phase of rebuilding M.R. Stefanik Airport in Bratislava into a large and efficient international airport will require an investment of SKK 500 million into the construction of a hangar that the airport still lacks. Chairman of Bratislava regional government Lubo Roman said this at a press conference on Thursday. „We have to create favorable economic conditions for potential partners in order to further develop the airport,“ he said. Thus the regional government supports the transformation of the Slovak Airport Administration (SSL) which also shelters the airport in Bratislava. SSL is a state-subsidized organization, involved in administration, operation and securing the development of airports used for civil aviation in Slovakia, i.e. airports in Bratislava, Kosice, Poprad-Tatry, Piestany, Sliac and Zilina.

The Slovak Ministry of Transport, Postal Services and Telecommunications has elaborated a project to transform airports to joint stock companies. During the first phase these should be in hands of the government, regional governments and town councils. Later the government’s share should decrease. „We support an early as possible transformation in order that Bratislava airport is transformed into a joint-stock company by the end of the year,“ said Roman Filistein, head of the BSK transportation commission.

Mr. Filistein also touched upon the potential cooperation between airports in Bratislava and Vienna. „The distance between these airports is too small (about 50 kilometers) to compete, therefore they are doomed to cooperate,“ he said. The airports have been discussing cooperation for long, but with no tangible results. According to Mr. Filistein, the strategic investor should have no other plan but to develop a joint airport system within this European region.

Bratislava regional government as the future shareholder of Bratislava airport has supported the elaboration of the ministry’s document. „We would like, after approval of this material, a working group to be set up consisting of representatives of the ministry, the regional government and the city council. It would prepare a development strategy for the airport,“ said Mr. Filistein. It will also discuss harmonizing construction plans for the city, region and affected municipalities. Among its other tasks will be solving questions of airport development connected with its links to railway and bus transport networks.

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