ANO Leadership Meeting Requested Nemcsics and Opaterny to Resign
26. augusta 2003

At its Monday’s meeting, the leadership of New Citizen’s Alliance (ANO) requested that two of their nominees in the cabinet, Economy Minister Robert Nemcsics and Transport Ministry State Secretary Branislav Opaterny, to resign on their posts. The request was based on their critical statements in the media, by which the ANO claims both Mr. Nemcsics and Mr. Opaterny have harmed the party, informed ANO chairman Pavol Rusko at press conference after the meeting.

The ANO leadership instructed Mr. Rusko to ask Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda to sack both party members from their cabinet posts. As he added, neither Mr. Nemcsics, nor Mr. Opaterny have been asked to give up their mandates of parliamentary deputies.

Mr. Nemcsics and Mr. Opaterny stated in their reaction that they will not resign from their posts. Mr. Opaterny stated that he does not see reasons for it and that his work results are satisfactory.

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